Sildar Hallwinter

Race: Human (Tethyrian)
Location: Phandalin
Status: Dead

Born 1447 DR, Sildar Hallwinter was only 5 years old when Neverwinter was destroyed. He fled with his aunt and uncle. The Hallwinters returned to Neverwinter as one of the first waves of settlers in 1461 DR when Sildar was 15. Two years later, the Netherese occupied the city; among the vicious fighting with Ashmodei Cultists and Thayan Red Wizards, the young Sildar lied about his age in order to join the resistance. The lie did not get him far, but even though he saw little active participation young Sildar gained the reputation among resistance members as a kind of mascot. Even the underage Hallwinter was willing to fight unjust foreign powers. Sildar joined the Neverwinter guard when he came of age, but within several years struck out on his own. He found work as a member of the Lord's Alliance, recently establishing a presence in the rebuilt Neverwinter; he has applied himself to their cause ever since.

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