Race: Human (Tethyrian)
Location: Unknown
Status: Alive

A posh, well groomed man who lives in the Cambro Mountains of Gwynneth Isle. He is a seer known at the very least to Ruffy the hill giant though his home is in a seemingly out of the way location.

It was discovered that Kaplan was not what he seemed. The characters found the remains of the human named Kaplan in his home, long since dead, when they returned. The being that is masquerading as Kaplan, now known as the "Disappearing Magical Asshole", has stated that he will get revenge on the party for failing in aiding his scheme to take power in Caer Corwell. He made an attempt on the life of Shallis which led to her becoming a halfling through reincarnation. He then killed all of the priests of Torm that performed the ritual. He has said that he will visit pain on each of the characters but has not done so just yet.

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