Gladiator Dice

A game traditionally played in taverns, outside Colosseums or interludes in underground fighting arenas, the game of Gladiator Dice is a very simple gambling game favored by many, especially those with a less than innocent reputation.
Gladiator Dice is played with three six sided dice, two of opposite color to represent the fighters and one that is distinctly different to the first two.
At the start of the game, there is the Ante where players will bet on which of the two gladiators (represented by dice color) will win. Players only have twenty seconds to make their bet and can increase their bet by any amount as the time ticks down. After these twenty seconds the dice are rolled. The highest of the opposing dice is the winner and the betting pool goes to that player. If the opposing dice are tied they are rolled again but not the third die. This third die is known as the Cheat Die. If the Cheat Die shows the same number as either of the opposing dice, that die wins. If all three dice roll the same number it is known as a Fix and the betting pool is traditionally given to someone not affiliated with the game, usually the innkeeper or owner of the establishment, as a gift. This has most certainly led to the game's popularity among the common people. Most patrons are fairly graceful about this, seeing it as a bit of divine generosity for many long-suffering innkeepers. However there are a few of ill moral standing to use such an event as an excuse for a fight, and to get their lost gold back…

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