Order Of The Vigilant

Basic Information

Base of Operations: Vigilant Tower
Leader(s): Steffan Hrothgar (cleric of Helm) and Anton Limnacod (Paladin of Tyr)
Favored Deities: Helm and Tyr
Formed: 1390 DR


Members: 20 paladins, 6 clerics, 2 fighters, and 1 sorcerer
Alignment: Neutral Good

An order of knights who practice vigilantism in order to preserver order and destroy evil. This order has existed for a relatively short time in the grand scheme of the Sword Coast at only 150 years old. They reside in the restored ruins of Castle Hatton, now known as Vigilant Tower. At their current membership of approximately 30 knights, they are fairly small compared to some of the other orders but what that lack in size they makeup for in tenacity.


The Order consists mostly of humanoid paladins and clerics though there have been fighters and sorcerers among their ranks.

Brix Bandaria

One of the top level paladins of Helm. He is well renown for is fierce brutality in battle, often flying into a rage much like a barbarian.


In 1388 DR, a couple fended off a horde of orcs assaulting a small town on the Desserin River near Yartar named Midton. Having long been adventuring as a paladin of Helm, Perry Euphemia and a cleric of Tyr, Jeanne Dynamis, they felt it was time to buy some land and settle down. Repurposing the ruins of Summit Hall, they hired many people to man the new tower and drew in followers who wanted to help protect the town and learn their ways.

Slowly they built a small order of knights that they named The Order of the Vigilant that has remained at Vigilant Tower since. Most knights spend a few years outside of the tower as a part of their training to learn more about the world and how they fit into it.

On the eve of Spring Equinox in 1406, Perry passed away in his sleep at the age of 72. Two weeks later, Jeanne passed of a broken heart but not before setting up the line of succession for the order. Brix the Bearer served for 26 years after the deaths of the founders, preserving their tenants and ideals within. Eventually Brix was killed in battle against a fierce ancient red dragon leaving the group to a pair of elves named Steffan Hrothgar (cleric of Helm) and Anton Limnacod (Paladin of Tyr) who brought a harder edge to the order. Mercy and quarter were never to be given to any evil creature or human regardless of gender or age. The duo continues to rule the order and barring an unnatural death, they will remain there for several centuries to come.


Preserving honor in the act of vanquishing is not as important as gaining glory. — Jeanne Dynamis, 1398

The primary tenant of the order is that evil must be vanquished and any means justify the ends. They also believe that creatures that are evil are always evil with no chance for redemption. They have no problem killing the young of evil creatures such as clutches of kobolds or hatchling chromatic dragons.

1. Destroy evil at all costs
2. That which is evil is irredeemable
3. Protect innocence and preserve good
4. Leaders who fail these tenants must be removed


The order celebrates the traditional holidays of the Sword Coast as well as two holidays specific to the order. The first is Foundation Day and the second is The Day of Vicissitude.

Foundation Day (The 10th day of Uktar)

This is a celebration of the day that Perry and Jeanne fended off the orc horde in Midton. It is marked by a feast at midday and singing and dancing in the evening. At the height of the revelry, a group of knights sings the Hymn of Midton.

The Day of Vicissitude (The 19th day of Chez)

A more somber holiday than Foundation Day, it is a day of remembrance of Perry and Jeanne on the anniversary of Perry's passing. There is an evening meal followed by prayer in the chapel. Those knights abroad are required to spend two hours in prayer that evening facing Vigilant Tower, the location of Perry's death.

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