Burning Blade

Basic Information

Base of Operations: The Sword Coast
Leader: Nolgreth Goldenrod
Regents: Dolara Notchbelt, Ro Alstu, Thandal Socolt
Formed: 1488 DR


Members: Primarily human soldiers and warlocks though almost all classes and races are represented
Alignment: Lawful Evil



Once working as adventurers for hire called the Blood Axes, the group was renamed and has become more and more violent and regimented. Originally this happened under the rule of Aeus Paxis, their expansion and move to being a military force has ramped up under the rule of Nolgreth Goldenrod. They went from having a few dozen members to now having over two hundred.

They now have factions in every major town and city working with many of the criminal organizations including Xanathar in Waterdeep.


The group primarily hires ex-soldiers and other men-at-arms though others such as rogues, warlocks, and clerics do occasionally join. Usually this is a ratio of around ten fighters to one of the other three.


The year of formation for the Blood Axes has been lost to history, very much as a result of the formation of the Burning Blade. It is believed that the original group was around three to four hundred years old based on what some of the older members remember.

When Aeus Paxis took over in 1488 DR, he changed everything that the founders had desired for the group. Instead of trying to better the world around them while making a few coins, coinage became the driving force for everything they did. Some of the better members left the group during this time but many were happy to do what they did for the amount of money they were making.

Unfortunately for Aeus, a smart and powerful regent named Nolgreth had him assassinated and took his place.


The list of rules for members of the Burning Blade are many but are also in constant flux and not always enforced.

The main rule is that coin is all that matters in the end. Any job is worth it so long as the coin is enough. Good, evil, law, and chaos don't matter.

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