Homebrew Rules


  • You miss a game: You get no experience
  • You contact another player to play your character: You get experience
  • You bring the main course: You get experience plus bonus XP equal to your level * 10.
  • You write the summary: You get experience plus bonus XP equal to your level * 20.

Help Action

When one character wishes to provide assistance to another in an action, the following conditions must be met:

  • The character must be physically able to help
  • The player must roll the same roll that the assisted will roll (DC 10)

If the helper succeeds on the roll. the character performing the action gets advantage on the roll.

Identifying Magic Items

There are 4 methods for determining what a magic item can do:

  1. Using the Identify spell
  2. Rolling a successful Intelligence (Arcana) check (DC set by DM). Not all items can be identified in this manner and information available is limited.
  3. Spending an appropriate amount of time experimenting with the item and possibly a skill check (time and DC set by DM). This requires the item to be used and may result in the item being consumed or destroyed or will attune cursed items to the user.
  4. Bringing the item to a sage in a town who can perform one of the above methods.
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