Wave Echo Cave (Part II)

10 Jan 2016 06:00
by: Lance for Lost Mines of Phandelver

The party ventured forth further into the mines eventually facing down against The The Black Spider in a short but intense battle. With the mines now cleared, the party returned to Phandalin to return Nezznar to his brother Gundren Rockseeker and collect their reward.

Upon returning, they came upon an unusual scene at the center of town. A pale, scruffy half-drow was attempting to swindle passerby's out of their money in exchange for something in a vial. Those he approached seemed to recoil in horror and speed away. Gundran appeared and began speaking with the half-drow as if he they were familiar. Eventually, Gundran saw the group and approached them explaining that the half-drow was one of the people who he had hired to guard the wagon travelling to Phanadalin weeks earlier. Adran vaguely recognized the half-drow as a part of the party that had hooked him into his employ of the Rockseekers though he was quite dead last he saw him. Gundran explained that Phrex was now undead but clearly sentient (although still quite mad). Gundran asked that the group help Phrex to find a cure for his curse in exchange for him researching a map they had found in Wave Echo Cave. Investigating the shrine where they had brought him to be buried, they found that the priestess of the shrine had died via a bright stream of light at the very moment the same light brought Phrex back to life.

The party ventured to Neverwinter to return Sildar's sword to his family and to purchase additional equipment for the forth coming adventures. Next they decided to inquire of the necromancer known to be lurking in the hills east of Phandalin about the sudden appearance of an awakened undead. Upon arrival they found the necromancer fully dead and being munched on by his own zombies. Taking the opportunity, Adran entered the wizard's tent and found a zombie sitting on the bed bemoaning his new found sentience. A short, depressing conversation, gave little information about the condition but did bring to light that the same fate had befallen the wizard as the priestess at the shrine at the very same moment.


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