Venomfang of Thundertree

11 Oct 2015 05:00
by: Lance for Lost Mines of Phandelver

Having lost track of two of the party members, namely Var and Frodur, the party decided to head out for Thundertree since the time for Gundren may be short. On the way out of Phandalin, the party bumped into Sildar and a half-elf carrying a strange looking lyre like instrument. Seeing the party's ranks were short, Sildar offered to accompany the group and his compatriot tagged along.

Not long after leaving town the party became aware of some humans following them in the brush which they immediately attacked. As the ruckus began, Glassstaff stepped out from the woods and attacked. The party, concentrating all of their attacks on the spellcaster felled him quickly and then proceeded to dispatch the remaining Redbrand Ruffians. The remainder of the journey to Thundertree was uneventful.

Entering the ruined town, the party spotted a warning that herein lies zombies and mutated plant creatures. No worry was carried from this warning. A few small skirmishes with these plant creatures and some zombies led the party eventually to the door of the druid they had come to seek. The druid, a gaunt white bearded man named Reidoth recognized many of the names spoken by Sildar and invited the group in for tea, stew, and conversation. During the conversation, the party learned that Reidoth knows of the locations of both Cragmaw Castle and Wave Echo Cave. He agreed to give the party directions to Cragmaw Castle but insists that he will accompany the party to Wave Echo Cave but only if they drive off the green dragon, Venomfang, from the tower in Thundertree. In assistance, the druid's squirrel brought the party three magical nuts for the battle.

With the unfortunate stealthiless of the party while approaching the tower, it was clear that the dragon was aware of their presence. Therefore, the best method was to attack head on. Busting open the door, Van and Sildar rushed forward into melee combat doing damage and knocking him prone. No sooner, the dragon let forth a bellowing cone of poisonous gas knocking down two members of the party, Sildar and Ander. Adran threw the entire bag of nuts at Venomfang, causing him a great deal of damage and knocking Sildar down in the process. The dragon, deciding that this tower was not worth the cost took flight and Adran took chase, firing arrows into the great green beast. After a few arrows, he was able to finish off the young dragon.

Returning to the tower, Adran was able to cure both Van and Sildar though Ander died from his wounds. Reidoth arrived shortly after the end of the battle and urged the group to bring Ander to his home where he began the ritual to return him to life. Meanwhile, Adran gathered what little treasure the dragon had amassed as well as a fang from his corpse. Upon returning, they found that Ander was alive but was now a full wood elf rather than a half-elf.

The party decided to rest for the evening to regain their strength and give the injured time to heal. Early in the morning, however; a loud knock was heard at the door. When Reidoth asked who it was, the knocking turned into frantic beating and a loud rabble could be heard outside. Being the brave group they are, Adran swung open one door and stabbed the first person he saw. A cultist grabbed his newly opened abdomen. The party quickly dispatched the cultists with some small help from Reidoth.


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