04 Sep 2016 05:00
by: Lance for Splintered Paths

The cave's mouth opened like an animal's maw. Ironbeard stared into it knowing that his profits were hiding inside. Carefully, everyone made their way inside and down into the caves. There, a strange sight greeted them, a portal to a building of cut stone. With caution, they each made their way through the portal to find themselves in a bizarre complex filled with the stench of mold and death.

The way through was blocked by a room soaked through with water and covered in a strange chartreuse mold. Careful not to step on the mold, the party made their way to a hallway where even more danger awaited. They creeped down it until suddenly, Ironbeard was thrust into the ceiling, landing on sharpened spikes. A magical trap had been sprung. Each member, in turn tried to make their way through with most getting slammed against the spikes as well. Eventually, a bit worse for wear, they made it to the door at the end of the tunnel.

This door was adorned with a jewel eyed skull and made of sturdy oak. Luckily, it was not locked and the party entered the room, finding a garish statue of an undead humanoid. Near the statue, the air was cold enough to show breath. The party decided to destroy the statue which unleashed a hellish necromantic wave of arcane energy.

Having found no more exits, the party returned to the mold infested room after passing the gravity trap yet again. As the party made their way to the door across the room, Rhogar slipped on a patch of the mold sending spores flying into the air. Everyone coughed and sputtered as the spores entered their lungs, filling them with pain. Of course they would push on though, there was no turning back for our adventurers.

Next they found a room that emanated magic and was decorated with three fonts, one of water, one of stone, and one of fire as well as a floor to ceiling brass pole. The pole was engraved with markings of undercommon regarding the four classical elements. Eventually the three elements were placed at the base of the pole and ZZa blew on the pole. A warm air of magic engulfed everyone in the room and they felt a sense of fortitude overcome them.

Finally, they found a way to the lower level of this strange place. Immediately beset upon by a pack of zombies from a holding cell, Rhogar quickly dispatched them with a fireball. Moving forward, a room lined with shackles and covered in old blood came into view. Unfortunately the door ahead was locked. Certainly there must be a key elsewhere.

The party decided to explore the rest of the complex only to stumble upon the necromancer they fought before. Immediately before seeing him, they heard a familiar voice say, "Remember our deal." Now, he was in a ghastly form that was able to possess the bodies of the dead. Though a tough opponent, the party succeeded in sending him to his final death. Unfortunately, no key was to be found so the door had to be bashed down.

As seems the case far too often, Ironbeard failed to drop the door, bouncing off with a bruised shoulder. The 4'11" Espio had to step up and fix the issue. Around the corner they found a room that appeared to have been the location of horrid magical experiments on living creatures. And sitting on the table in the center of the room was the flesh golem they faced before when they faced the necromancer the first time. With swiftness, they dispatched the golem, ending his miserable life. Finding nothing else of value, they left that place and returned to Gundren to inform him that the mines were once again safe. Little did the party know …


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