06 Nov 2016 05:00
by: Jasmin for Splintered Paths

Ironbeard’s magical daddies asked him to look into a town that smelled of fish and had people who were mostly dead. Zza went with him in search of treasure or misery. They found a magic fellow in the inn next to an almost dead woman and information about the town going crazy. Instead of investigating the inn, they headed into town where they found a bunch of dead people, some little demons, and an old man who’d existed on fish guts and salt for the last two weeks. Ironbeard took a lot of the mostly dead people back to camp and bade the other party members to watch over them.

They went back to the inn and found a trapdoor behind the bar. A fear demon thing lived down there and made Ironbeard pee in his pants which so disgusted Zza that she turned feebleminded and [at this point the text becomes a series of scribbles and drawings of cats]


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