Three Annoying Hags They Be

01 May 2016 05:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

Our party of adventurers continued their investigation of the lair of the hags. As they make their way through the caves, Van decided to investigate a room filled with glowing insects and is swarmed. The party quickly dispatched the swarm and moved on. Entering the subterranean "tower", they immediately come face to face with the living quarters of an ogre and two half-ogres. After felling the fowl beasts, the party made their way up to the next level of the tower where they encountered three cages. One empty, one with a kobold, and the other with a human female. The female informed the party that her sister had been brought upstairs by an ogre. Arriving on the top level, two hags stood next to a bound human female, identical to the one in the cage. The hags immediately disappeared only to reappear and attack the party. Suddenly, the female also diappeared and attacked, revealing her hideous hag form. Popping into and out of visibility, the hags did some damage but ultimately retreated down the tower stairs. A partially destroyed book was recovered by Iron Beard that the hags had tried to destroy.


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