The Wrong Tool for the Job

23 Sep 2018 05:00
by: for Tablets of Cold Death

My ears are STILL ringing. Gods damn it, I wish Skalen had been more careful with that damn cage. I staunched his bleeding easily enough, but nothing seems to stop the damnable ringing. Thankfully the cage was undamaged and it's now on the cart and we are halfway back to Neverwinter. The road has been uneventful to this point, and if this continues we should be back in another couple days. Maybe I can use the proceeds from this abominable cage to speed along his research…

Less than a days ride from Neverwinter and Ironbeard's penchant for finding trouble has struck again. He seems to have hired the town drunks to go into unprotected wood and chop trees…with a BATTLEAXE. Of course they found ought but death there. His willful ignorance is baffling. I tried to explain to him his folly, but he seems to believe he can do no wrong.

Neverwinter is as hectic as always. These lights hope people seem to be far reaching as well, with a presence here in Neverwinter. One of their Operatives, Soovey, apparently has some connection with my companions. Another "bestie" as I have learned they are called. I was in a hair's breadth of smiting her with one of Bahamut's lightening bolts as she threw Phenic into the air. Skalen seemed to find the situation quite humorous and explained it to me thankfully and stopped me from making a scene in the middle of the city. We soon learned Soovey had an acquaintance, Morg, whom she thought my companions could use his services. They seemed to agree, and as I am no more than a tag-a-long myself could hardly refuse. I am still unsure of his motivations, and will keep an eye on him…

FINALLY! That good for nothing "mystic" has deciphered some leads for me. It was honestly quite a bit larger than I anticipated, but I believe this is enough and Bahamut will guide me the rest of the way. I shall prepare some rituals in the morning and commune with him at the local temple before we leave.

After many prayer, I have narrowed the list down to a handful of relics to this point. Sadly my companions are want to leave to the spine on the 'morrow and I will need their help in the search of these relics. I shall accompany them and hopefully bend them to my quest soon.

Oh and Skalen has confided in me that he saw fit to turn in his hellish cloak to the temple of Bahamut whom have pledged to have it destroyed. A fitting end for that hellish item.

It has been a relatively un-eventful few days of journey to the spine. At least until the "talking tree" came during Phenic's watch last night. I'm not sure she knows quite what is going on. At least she has finally come forward with an explanation on how her mother was resurrected. I KNEW something was going on, she was quite dead when I checked on her. Thankfully everybody has agreed to not take a detour after her little imaginary friends, we can finish this business with the spine quickly and be on to better things.


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