The Unconjuring

20 Nov 2016 06:00
by: Jasmin for Splintered Paths

Ironbeard paid a smelly priest to unstupid Zza instead of offering to do the favor for the order. Zza agreed to repay him by being less mean to him in the future and not commenting on the poor state of his beard.

The party went back to Tillbridge where Skalen saw his ex-girlfriend and some other illusions and went crazy with elven lust/rage. Zza heroically used her magic to force him into the inn so that he could use his arrows or whatever to kill Gary, the evil sorrow demon that had made her touch Ironbeard’s face.

They killed some smaller demon type things before Gary appeared and he was supermad. Phenic did some biting. Skaelen did things with swords but mostly used his want to spread sticky things around. Ironbeard fought with his face while Zza sang songs about how Gary sucked and how his ass was too fat for normal sized pants.

Gary died, the town got less gloomy from his fear stank. The party left and went back to Waterdeep.
Phenic (the druid and not the fox) found out that Katayga Graymarsh is having a huge shindig and the party is not invited though they may be able to sneak in as servants wearing itchy itchy pants (seriously, black on black? the woman has no imagination).

Skaelen talked to the weird fellow who translates items for the party and may or may not deal drugs. Zza’s tablet was deciphered and seemed to contain a map.


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