The Trouble with Swords

20 Mar 2016 05:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

One fine morning in the town of Grimstad, our adventurers gather themselves up and begin the long journey to the southernmost tip of Gwynneth Island. At least two tendays stand between them and their destination and the road ahead is rough and fraught with danger. As they draw close to the Cambro Mountains, they come across three goblins standing on the road as it enters a forested area. Dogboy can't help himself and tears off in a frenzy to kill the foul creatures. After dispatching the goblins, the group passes through the woods and comes to a bridge crossing a river where they overhear two goblins who are fishing. The goblins are complaining that they are being forced to eat fish and not humans by someone named Ruffy and that they will overthrow him with the help of their tribe leader, Brell. Again, Dogboy cannot contain himself and he slays these two hapless goblins.

Just to the north, the party finds the village of Unsar and a hill giant speaking with a large group of the townsfolk. The giant speaks gruffly but with eloquence as he discusses the best manner in which to protect the town from the gold dragon attacks happening as of late. Seeing as this is a bizarre situation, Van decides to speak with the giant to see if he can discern what is going on. It turns out that a group of hags accidentally turned Ruffy good using some sort of magical disease that they created. He spent some time wandering around before coming to Unsar and settling here to help the village. He is perturbed by the news that the goblins are looking to overthrow him and asks the party to investigate for him.

In a tomb of elven knights carved from the side of the mountain, the party finds the goblin home. Dogboy walks into the place like he owns it and heads straight for Brell. Asking if Brell is still helping the villagers boldly, forces Brell's hand and he orders his troops to attack. After a prolonged battle, the tomb is now littered with freshly killed goblins. Within a secret room, the party finds some treasure including a peculiar deck of cards and a great sword mounted on the wall. Upon removing the great sword, the spirits of the dead elven knights rise and demand it be returned as Iron Beard is not worthy of the sword according to the knights. While pilfering the tomb, the party comes across a finely decorated platinum ring that Iron Beard puts on in hopes of it allowing him to take the sword. Alas, it does and the party leaves before they accidentally raise the dead yet again. Spending some time with the sword, he determines that it is indeed a magical sword that allows him to striker truer and is particularly good against dragons and is named Dragonsbane.

The next day, everyone gathers to leave and discover that Iron Beard has not slept due to horrifying nightmares through the night and is exhausted. Discovering that the ring he has put on is cursed, they ask Ruffy if anyone can help remove the curse. Ruffy points them to a sage who lives in the mountains just off of the path that they are to take in their journey.

Much to their dismay, the party finds that the bridge mentioned by Ruffy has been intentionally destroyed delaying their arrival at the sage's home. Spending the rest of the day building a means to cross the bridge using wood collected from the bridge caretakers home, they eventually cross only to come upon a destroyed wagon and dead mule on the path. The group is quickly set upon by two giant venomous snakes and a flame snake. Mostly taking damage from the fiery body of the flame snake, the party is triumphant in battle and sets to rest a bit before continuing their journey with two paths set out before them. One, a small path to the north which would lead them away from their intended destination but could not be long as it heads toward the mountain side and the other leads them to the sage they seek and eventually the gold dragon.


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