The Council

22 Jul 2018 05:00
by: Lance for Tablets of Cold Death

After much ado, Waterdeep is finally free of the rule of The Baroness and a new government council has been formed, thanks in part to the party. Members of each of the major forces in the city are now working together to further their respective causes.

Arriving at her room, Skalen found that Shallis had left for the docks. Quickly he gave pursuit with Ironbeard in tow. As they arrive at the docks, Ironbeard sneaks around like a shadow in the night…that has been dipped in skunk oil. Skalen and Shallis have a heart to heart as he finds out she is heading home with the intention of finding a means to return her to her original race and allowing her to live there again in peace.

Meanwhile, Phenic and Zza head out to find a polymorph potion to give to the "Poop Dragon." Eventually acquiring one after several days of searching, they go to the sewers and fulfill their promise. The dragon takes the potion, and transforms into an average looking human male and makes a quick exit from the sewers, killing two workers on the way out.

With everyone eventually returning to the palace, they attend the first parts of the council meetings to oversee what is happening though Ironbeard eventually is asked to leave for disruptive behavior. Outside, he decides it is a good idea to drink some of his mushroom tea. While under the influence, he sees Kaplan approach him and attacks. After a fierce battle in which he nearly killed Kaplan, he is brought to his senses only to realize that "Kaplan" was actually a group of city guards. Due to their recent aid to the city and some quick talking by Skalen, they talk the guards into not arresting Ironbeard.


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