The Basement Always has Rats

03 Apr 2016 05:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

Our group, wiping bloody mule guts from their clothes, gathered their wits and looked at the fork in the road. The decision was to head, first to the seer and then to return to this location in order to investigate the road leading north.

A short way up the road, the group came to a solitary ramshackle cabin set just a bit off the road. A rather posh gentlemen in lounging attire answered the rapping upon his door and invited the party in after they explained their business. Coming to an agreement with Iron Beard to exchange his aid for a favor, the man named Kaplan handed Iron Beard a beaded bracelet set with one black bead and eleven white ones. Jocku's Bracelet of Sleeplessness allows Iron Beard to meditate like an elf rather than sleep, alleviating his nightmares and allowing him to rest.

The party, prodded by Van headed back to the broken bridge and made camp. That night, a stranger came upon the camp and joined the party. It seems that Skalen Dagonae, a half-elf ranger, was heading in no particular direction when he found the camp and the fallen bridge. Seeing not many options, he decided to join the party for the adventures that lie ahead.

Everyone prepared to head down the north pass, weapons on hand and ready for trouble. Despite their steadfastness, they were assaulted from two outcroppings of tree by arrows. Eventually, the managed to draw out four gnolls and defeat them in combat. The group headed down the path yet gain even more cautiously than before eventually coming to a cave in the mountain. Within the cave, the group fought several gnolls and a troll. After a protracted battle and some sleep, the group cleared out the cave and discovered that the group had purposely burned the bridge in order to capture travelers to eat. Two of the travelers' bodies remained in the cave, one had a handkerchief with the same logo as an iron ring found by Iron Beard at the attack site. Clearly these travelers were killed and their families are unaware.

A bear arrived at the entrance of the cave in order to reclaim its home now that it was free of danger. The party, left the cave for the bear and headed down the road in with their original target of finding the three hags and eventually Drash Brightheart.

Another days journey found the party off of the mountain and in a small stretch of grass between the mountain and the forest ahead. A medium sized inn stood next to the road with a placard displaying a tall gray tower on it. The lights were lit and yet, no sound seemed to be coming from within. Inside, the air of the tavern was solemn and almost no conversation was being had. Speaking with the barkeep, a pleasant half-elf woman in her mid 20's, it was discovered that the food and drink supplies of the inn had been ransacked by some unknown creatures, later discovered to be a family group of moon rats. The party, along with a halfling paladin named Xanlan Drakewind, headed into the cellars and up an underground river to find an ogre that had run the rats from their home.

The party was confronted by an ogre who repeatedly informed them that "None shall pass here." Much time was spent trying to reason with this ogre despite the knowledge that this ogre should not be able to speak. Then again, neither should Ruffy. Eventually the group realized that the ogre was a clever and convincing illusion and they passed it and arrived in a chamber containing, a bed, a desk, several books, and a glowing font of energy. Iron Beard could not refuse sticking his sword into the font giving him a nice shock and causing a chuckle to appear from thin air. The chuckle was followed by a conversation with a disembodied voice. A deal was struck that the party would help the strange gnome with his goal of gathering power from the node to refuel his ship, Lady Moon.


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