Stop Hagging Me!

17 Apr 2016 05:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

After the rough hall of running magical lumber to the flying ship known as Lady Moon, the players set sail for the southeastern tip of Gwynneth. On their way, the ship was attacked by three manticore, however; the manticore were eventually scared off by the visage of the gold dragon Drash on the horizon forcing the ship to land abruptly outside of a small village on the outskirts of the swamp Kimball Moor. The village of Sprigswallow was only inhabited by five folk who remained after the evacuation of most citizens due to Drash's attacks. Two old elves sat playing a dice game called Gladiator Dice outside of an abandoned general store, the owner of the inn sat outside of his vacant inn, and a pair of strange women sat on the fountain edge in the center of the village. It was discovered that the women were also looking into Drash's recent behavior and trying to ascertain its cause and cure. One of the women was Phenic, a half-elf druid from the area who is wants to save Drash from his current fate. The other, Olandra, a human scholar of all things draconic wants to study the events as they unfold to chronicle them in her work. It was agreed that the party could use Phenic as a guide and that she could use their knowledge of the situation so a bond was forged.
Our intrepid adventurers boldly set out for the home of the hags they believe responsible for the disease affecting both Drash and Ruffy through the swamps with Phenic and Skalen leading the way.


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