31 Mar 2019 05:00
by: Lance for Tablets of Cold Death

Listened to the adventurers while they spoke during the night and learned much.

Having proven to be even more resourceful than I had initially thought, the C.O.W.s made their way to the lair of Ssthulisthilasth. Apparently he had somehow escaped the prison and returned only when the tablet got close. Interestingly, his old remains reanimated and joined the fray.

Now, I've said they are resourceful but they are also very cautious, having tried to leave the lair iva the intake and outtake water vents only to realize that they would end up at the bottom of an ocean on the plane of water. Eventually they realized that the best way out was back the way they came which worked out well. I created a portal for them to return directly to Neverwinter and destroyed the portal I exited from.

The following was gathered from information given to me by my spies as they didn't speak about much after their arrival in Neverwinter.

They went to a magic shop owned by Durta Haarcha, a seer once located in Waterdeep to learn more about the tablet that I gave to the kenku. I was lucky the kenku kept it's word and gave it to the group and didn't keep it for himself. Didn't want more blood on my hands than is absolutely necessary.


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