Smells Like Burnt Beard

25 Sep 2016 05:00
by: Patrick for Splintered Paths

After killing the archers and magic throwers the party turn to find Espio and Umi coming around the corner. “Hey guys, what’s up” they query? The party just stress at the silently as Rhogar belches a small fireball. The turn and burst through the locked doors turning down a hallway leading to several cells.
In a large cell they find a family of halflings from Phandalin. They had been captured and sent there by a half orc woman. In another cell Espio found the gold skinned elf pinned to the wall by the arrows that took his life. He searched him and found a scroll. The party freed Joset, a member of the Light of Freedom.
Continuing down a side hallway they found an office and took a ledger. The ledger identified a Katayga Graymarsh, a half orc noble in Waterdeep.
Continuing through the hallways, Ironbeard burst through a door to find 9 enemies jumping toward him. Rhogar throws a fireball past Ironbeard and Skalen into the room. It killed 8 of the enemies leaving the bandit leader alive. Ironbeard’s beard caught fire and he started jumping around to put it out. The bandit leader took off through a doorway and was followed closely behind by Skalen. Skalen entered into a closed storeroom with no obvious exit. After a couple of minutes of searching he found a secret doorway that lead down a passage into the raw sewage. Everyone decided not to pursue the fleeing enemy. The party back-tracked to the cells and gave some healing to one of the prisoners as well as some food.
Continuing to the entrance Skalen heroically led the team to an unexplored doorway and burst through fearlessly into the janitor's closet.
After returning to the surface the party went and cleaned up and decided to take a couple of days before entering the Shadowfell. Skalen and Phenic took a scroll left by her father to a House Draegus in the city to present it to them. Phenic was told that Bartholomew used to do favors for the house. Phenic requested House Draegus to secure an audience with Katayga Graymarsh.


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