Run Out of Town

12 Jun 2016 05:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

A plan is hatched to sneak into the keep and deliver these papers to the rightful ruler of Caer Corwell. It is decided that having fewer people enter will make it easier to go unnoticed so only Iron Beard and Skalen go. Using magic to improve on their stealth, the two manage to get to the elf named Zza quickly and quietly. They then escaped via her window and made their way back to the inn without incident. The two then made their way to bed where Iron Beard found a pint of strong dwarven brew given to him by Kaplan.
Meanwhile, Phenic returned to the herbalist to find out what she could about her family. Through browsing the journal left by Olandra, the herbalist was able to deduce that Phenic was in fact from Caer Corwell by way of Karador. She also discovered that she has a brother named Kuumal and is also the cousin of Skalen. The most important facts that she learned, however; were that her mother's name is Daethi Fylsa and left Caer Corwell years ago in search of her lost children. Additionally, she found out that her father is a human who's name starts with a "B".
Later that day, Iron Beard headed to find Kaplan in hopes to fulfill his second favor. Kaplan informs him that the second favor is to escort Zza into the court to deliver the papers showing that Le'ule is not the true ruler. So he and Zza head into the keep with Skalen sneaking behind unnoticed and crash the court being held. After showing the documents to Le'ule's trusted advisor, the claim that these are magical forgeries is made and the two are chased out of court.
Upon arriving back at the inn, Iron Beard and Zza discover that all of Kaplan's belongings in his room are in fact illusions. They then also find out that he has not even paid for a room and the room he claimed was empty. Iron Beard, angry at the deceit, grabs the party and starts a march toward Kaplan's home.
On the way there, Iron Beard is once again approached by the ancient elven lord who wants his sword returned. Paralyzing Iron Beard and then possessing him, the king takes his sword and tells him to meet him at his tomb. Iron Beard decides to change the destination of the party and head for the tomb where he is granted another sword in exchange for his bravery in stopping Vakos. With the rare opportunity to speak to an truly ancient elf, Skalen asks him to look at the tablet he found in Drash's horde and discovers it points to a location in the Shadowfell near Waterdeep.
With this business concluded, Zza and Iron Beard have their sites set on Kaplan's home for answers.


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