On the Lamb

22 Jan 2017 06:00
by: Austin for Rescuing Daethi

After the party infiltration, the band of adventurers is now wanted by the authorities. Considering the prestige of the party, there are guards swarming everywhere. Espio is informed by a monk at the monastery that he is wanted, taking action he cuts off his hair and changes into a brother monks robes. Getting a view of the swarm of guards outside the monastery, Espio glimpses Clyde and meets up with him outside as they begin to head north. On the way, they meet up with Zza and continue their evacuation of the area, being sure to play it cool. As the squad comes to a fork in the road, one path is filled with more guards, the other path less traveled and calm. They decide to take the second option as the journey continues… They come to an inn where the other party members are. Ironbeard, Skalen, Phenic, and another girl accompanying them are inside. Unaware at the moment of their friends inside… Hearing the howl of Phenic, Espio goes down an alleyway to the back of the building. Enemies inside closing in on them, Phenic, Skalen and the woman retreat to the back room. Iron Beard stays behind to fend them off and fight his way downstairs. With a magical sword glowing with green flames, Iron Beard tears through the foes, disrespecting some of them along the way. With hostiles on the ground, Skalen throws his javelin at one of them then attempts to jump out of the second story window on top of his foe, just coming short. Transformed into a dire wolf, Phenic follows out the window. As they make it to the ground, Espio comes around the corner and yells for Skalen to move as he shoots two arrows at the enemy behind him. They make quick work of them as Skalen, Phenic, Espio, and the other girl head back down the alley chasing one of the men who escaped. Doing a somersault off of Phenics back, Espio throws a dagger at the escapee, missing. Another flip off the wall and the second dagger hits. Meanwhile out front, Iron Beard and Zza are taking care of the others. Zza blesses Iron Beard as he pursues the last man. Burned from Iron Beard and vomiting from Zza, the last man is interrogated by Iron Beard before being destroyed.


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