Memento in the Marsh

14 Apr 2019 05:00
by: Lance for Tablets of Cold Death

It was a nice day. With no clouds in the sky, a few bright streams of light made it through the canopy to warm my bones as I drifted down one of my favorite lazy bayous. My banjo was in perfect tune and I couldn't hit a wrong note. Then, out of nowhere, I see this grungy looking group of bayards. As to not draw attention to myself and to do my due diligence, I stared hard but made no sound as I drifted by. Once out of site, I headed back the village and let folks know that these ne'er do wells were heading our way and to prepare.

Luckily, we got all but one of them to forget ever being here. Great thing about a situation like that is the one that remembers will be treated as if they are insane, keeping our secret safe.


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