Kapesk Isk

30 Sep 2018 05:00
by: Lance for Tablets of Cold Death

As the party rested, Skalen had a vision that drew him toward the keep of the fearsome and ancient fire giant, Kapesk Isk. Arriving at the keep, before them stood an enormous keep carved from the rock face of a mountain with a set of 30 foot heavy wooden double doors. In front of the keep, unfortunately were three ogres slowly cooking a stew though they had not noticed the party yet. Feeling there was no other choice, the group attacked the ogres, slaying them and burning Ironbeard's beard yet again.

Once inside the massive building, the group came upon the ghost of a stone giant trapped for his failure to kill Kapesk many centuries ago. Skalen learned that the tablets contain the essence of who they were created by or for, that last part he is not yet certain about. As they made their way through the keep, they came upon a small band of goblins making themselves full in a room of old honey and preserved grains. Again, the party slew the nasty creatures with very little effort. As they moved further into the structure, they came upon a room with a hole in the ceiling and a small green face looking through. Frightened, the goblin shoved a large stone into the hole, sealing it off.

At last, the party arrived at the throne room of Kapesk Isk who, having the tablet now near, rose to her feet to face the party as the door behind them slammed shut. After a grueling battle, the party was successful in destroying the ancient undead giant and freeing the ghost trapped inside the keep. Suddenly, a rumble is heard from beneath their feet as the floor and walls begin to shake…


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