It Smells Like Shit Down Here

18 Sep 2016 05:00
by: Patrick for Splintered Paths

After returning from the clearing the mines the party members took time in Waterdeep exploring their personal interests. They met up after about a month to recount their findings.
Skalen found more information about the stone tablet, including instructions on how to open the way into the Shadowfell. Ironbeard agreed to talk to the Mage Council about entering the Shadowfell to see if there was a potential job that the party could complete in making it worthwhile. The entrance is near the House of Leon in the shadow of the Palace. The tablet must be present and the words must be spoken exactly in Draconic. Skalen perfected the Draconic phrases. There was also a name mentioned in the ancient text of the tablet, Ominak Arcanus.
Phenic met with Debra Minings, the leader of a society engaged in eliminating slavery from Waterdeep. Debra gave her the location of a purported hide out of one of the smuggling outfits in the city. Realizing the time sensitivity to acting on this information, the party chose to follow this lead and pursue finding Phenic’s mother.
They headed to an indiscriminate back alley in the slavers area of the lower city and found an entrance to the hide out, cleverly hidden beneath a sewer grate. After Skalen created a magical sound buffer for the party they moved through the sewer till they encountered a closed door. With all the grace he could muster, Ironbeard slammed into the door, unsuccessfully opening it, but successfully notifying anyone behind the door that the party was there. With Skalen’s help they burst through the door and found a Gnome ready to attack with drawn daggers. Ironbeard calmed the party as this Gnome was a familiar face. Umi Nez decided to follow the party into the sewers, choosing to do so at a safe, scratch that a very, very safe distance.
The party entered into a larger space below the ground where there was liquid poo flowing through. The smells were over bearing as the group tried to keep their lunches down. In a flash, a large creature appeared and took hold of Ironbeard. The party rallied around him trying to free him from the creature’s grip. In the struggle, Ironbeard tried to throw his longbow across the sewage expanse to Espio, but it fell short in a spray of green and brown slime that peppered Espio’s cloak. The creature disappeared under the muck only to reappear and grab Skalen. Through the struggle Skalen was drug into the murky waters and disappeared beneath the surface. Phenic, in bear form jumped into the waters and attacked the creature. Skalen surfaced a few moments later as the creature disappeared. Skalen climbed out of the waters and retrieved the long bow, now floating on the waters as Phenic exited the sewer waters by Ironbeard and Espio. Phenic shook her furry coat expelling the majority of the raw sewage as Espio ducked behind Ironbeard.
The creature having fled led the party to continue down one of the side passages where they found a pile of rocks in the way. The rocks ended up being an illusion. The party continued down the passageway and turned to corner. They came to another locked door. Ironbeard threw his shoulder into the door, but could not get through. Once again Skalen came to his aid and opened the door. Ironbeard proceeded down the passage as arrows zipped by from narrow slits in both sides of the wall. The party attacked them as 4 bandits appeared further down the hallway wielding magic and ranged weapons. They cleared the passageway and left the archers in the wall for another day, continuing down the passage to another locked door.


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