It had too many eyes

14 Oct 2018 05:00
by: Ryan for Tablets of Cold Death

"As I carried my stalwart companions in my comforting bosom, being now the tallest among us due to my mighty wizardry, we'd scarcely been tormented by the bright open sky for seconds when a horrid rotting eyebeast flew out behind us. It had too many eyes, and one caught hold of my dear friend and companion, rest his soul, Skaelan. A burst of magic pierced his thin halfling form, and he was no more. As he bled his last, the holy lizard prayed to Backgammon flagellating himself for failing our friend. The god of platinum smiled and spared Skaelan from demise. All the while, I tore each eye from the beast's stalk, and beat the undead abomination to a bloody pulp with the stalks."

Ironbreard's spit flew in an unpleasant shower upon the poor bartender. The bouncers all lie face down, knocked unconscious by the drunken dwarf. He contemplated ending it all; drinking the foul dwarven ale in a last act of defiance, but he had a family he couldn't let one bad night doom them too.

"Uh then there was a turtle! Kept following us around. It's probably a demon or something, swear to Moradin…"

The dwarf swayed unsteadily after he slammed the last mug of sludgy booze down. It rolled to a stop on its handle with two dozen other fallen soldiers.

"After THAT! Phenic murdered some poor wizard just for being an elf! He had a kid, you shoulda heard the screaming. I mean I sympathize with disliking elves, but I think she went a bit far. BUT, it was ok, the elf got better. Kid was probably still traumatized, but I mean who isn't now?"

On that question, the dwarf finds the kegs of dwarven ale dry. A grieved grunt of dispare fills the air of the dank tavern.


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