Imprisoned in the Redbrand Hideout

27 Sep 2015 05:00
by: Lance for Lost Mines of Phandelver

After defeating the small band of orcs, the party took shelter in the same cave for the evening. During the midnight watch, an unknown assailant snuck into camp and killed Baern and Peepers before a barrage of arrows hailed down into the group. Quickly overwhelmed by the group of goblins and their unknown ally, the group succumb.
When they awoke, they were in the prison cells of an unknown underground compound with two women and children but alas, no Phrex. They discovered that others had been through here and that those who were taken were sold as slaves in Neverwinter. Making a daring escape, the party including it's newest members Van and Adran Nialo, began working on their escape from the complex. Through several combat encounters, the party eventually cleared the hideout of all of the Redbrand Ruffians, however; someone did appear to escape through a secret door.

After clearing the hideout, the party helped the prisoners out with them and took two bodies found in a crevice, one of which belonged to the late Phrex to the local shrine.


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