I have not yet begun to defile myself!

07 Aug 2016 05:00
by: Ryan for The Golden Sun

"Lassy, you're fallin asleep on me."
The dwarven barmaid picks her head off the table, looking a little confused.
She had actually been enjoying the story, but the dull dwarf who told it was another thing entirely.
"As ah was sayin, lass, ah swung a mighty cleave round th' ogre's head, and its stinkin rottin flesh just fell off th' bone."
While the little armored man's description of his deeds in combat were detailed, this was not what interested the barmaid. The romance of Skalen and Shallis, the mage's betrayal of the heroes, this was what kept her listening.
"So after the slaughter," he says with a chuckle, "Ah went on the boorin buisness of seachin th' place. Typical abby layout, but two things of note. First, catacombs under the ground, and a fountain with a spirit. Spirit promised some reward if th' necromancer was removed from the abby, and course Ah happily obliged. Course, Ah was ready to get down in those catacombs anyway, but Espio made sure to 'ave a talk. Good kid, if extremely green, course that's elves in general for ya."
The barmaid noted that this was the 18th disparaging comment on elves Ironbeard had made so far, despite travelling with a nearly all elven party…
"Now, the search of the catacombs went well. We didn't find those doors o' doom the priests warned us about, and Ah found Ara, that mage who was t' fix ol' Phrex's undead state."
The dwarf shakes his head. "Less well went the ensuing fight. First, we ate a fireball from the blue, but that didn't discourage me. Then I charged in to confront the red robed bastard who'd tied up Ara, I mustah slipped on a bit of gore or viscera, and was knocked out."
"Without me, o' course a group o' elves stood no chance. The mage was able to rifle through my pack and steal th' Golden Sun. According to Espio, he smacked the bits together and vanished leaving the artifact to clatter to the floor. Ara said this was a bad thing indeed, and the spirit in the fountain agreed."
Ironbeard sighs and takes a swif of ale. Good dwarven drink, none of that swill you get at a human inn. The barmaid appreciated his taste in refreshment at least.
"But Ah had other jobs on the mind. Ya see, lass, the whole reason we had gone on this little crusade was t' help Phrex on the behest of mah employer, one Gundren Rockseeker."
The barmaiden nodded. Rockseeker was a local of well to do, as had been his brothers, but he was the last.
"So once Ara got the Sun he agreed to heal Phrex, and I made my way up here to let Rockseeker know. He, of course, got into sone trouble again, so it's up to me to once again go sort it out."
At this a half elf pokes his head into the bar and beckons the dwarf, before leaving quietly.
The inn goes silent except for Ironbeard. "Hmph, duty calls, seems. Nice talk."
He slams down a fistful of silver and heads out the door.


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