Hurricane Z

21 Feb 2016 06:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

The party, having secured passage aboard a shipping vessel, made their way to Caer Callidyrr the capital of island of Alaron. Upon arriving they discovered that a particularly nasty hurricane was making its way to the islands. The group decided to seek shelter at a sailor's inn known as The Assassin's Moon since the storm was growing fierce and night was closing in. There, they met an old gray bearded sailor named Bartholomew who was telling tall tales among a group of his companions. Bartholomew spoke with Iron Beard about rumors from the southwest about a black dragon run off by something even scarier. The details of what had scared off the dragon were unknown but apparently residents of the area were being forced to abandon their homes which they had not done when the black dragon was there. The decision was made to head out the next day and weather the storm on the road the best that they can since it was not certain how long it would last. That night in the inn, the party heard moaning and the sounds of combat in the streets below. The next morning they found out that during the worst of the weather, zombies had begun to appear in the streets and the guards had killed many of them. After the worst of the weather passed, the zombies simply stopped moving.

The going on the road was rough as the weather would wax and wane periodically. Moving down a road next to a dense forest, nightfall was quickly approaching and the party needed shelter. Just off the road, in a small clearing in the woods was a small home with lights in the windows. The party decided it was probably best to seek shelter rather than be in the open. The family living in the home, an elderly mother, her 20 something son, teenage daughter, and 5 year old son welcomed the group in exchange for protection if the zombies were to strike again that night. Sure enough, during the worst of the weather that night, the zombies began beating on the windows and doors threatening to break them down. The party steeled themselves for battle and the family locked themselves in a backroom in case the zombies were able to break the door down. Uthal, from a window, turned the undead away. Just as the banging stopped, a scream came from the back room followed by the laughter of the young child and a sudden silence. Running into the room, a scene of horror unfolded. The child was sitting between the bodies of his mother and sister and bathed in their blood. The boy stood, raised his arms, and suddenly the room became dim and the walls seemed to breathe. The boys form was replaced by a shadowy form with sharp claws and bat like wings. Accompanying the shadowy form were two tiny flying devils with scorpion tales. The party fought the creature and his minions until they finally succumb. As the shadowy form was cleaved in two by Iron Beard, the party found themselves back in the back room with the family alive and the boy unconscious. It was discovered that the boy had been "ill" for a few weeks and the family thinks that the party saved the boy from whatever was causing his illness.

The next day, the party continued on their way to the southwest to a small farming village where they paid to ferry themselves to the island of Gwynneth. Here they arrived in a small fishing village primarily filled with half-elves though other races were present as well. As the party traveled through the center of town, they noticed a half-elf selling wares to cure baldness, give vigor, and more. Despite Phrex's anger at this "charlatan", the party spent their time questioning the locals about the black dragon. It was discovered from some of the local elves that the dragon was driven off by a gold dragon who is now terrorizing the area. Knowing this is very unusual, they plotted a course for the area in question.


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