Escaping Waterdeep

08 Jan 2017 06:00
by: Patrick for Rescuing Daethi

An urgent knock on the door jolted Skalen from his sleep. He grabbed his dagger and opened the door. Phenic was already out in the hallway with a handful of members from The Light of Fredom. One of them turned to Skalen and said,
“We’ve got to get all of you out of here! Now!”
“What are you talking about?” Skalen asked.
“Your mission last night. Your group was identified. Greymarsh is coming for you. We can smuggle you out of the city, but you have to come now!”
Skalen grabbed his bags and stepped into the hall way. “Wait, where is everyone else?” Skalen scanned the hallway seeing only Phenic.
“We don’t know but our people are looking for them. Hopefully we find them in time to get them out. We must leave now!”
“I have to take this Codec to Duurta to see if he can translate it. I must do this before we leave.”
With obvious frustration the agent responded, “We can give you 30 minutes, but if you don’t meet us then we will leave without you.” The agent then told Skalen where they would be.
“I will go with them, cousin. Don’t get your head cut off.”
As the agent started to head down the stair into the common room, he stopped abruptly and ducked back into the hallway. Skalen got his attention and whispered, “What is it.”
“Guards in the common room. That’s our only way out.”
Skalen, turned and headed back to his room with the rest following behind. He opened the window and scanned the alley below. It was clear so he said, “Follow me” and jump out the window landing silently down below. Everyone made their way down. Skalen set off to Duurta’s home while Phenic was guided to the chosen route out of the city.
Moving silently, Skalen arrived to Duurta’s and entered into the alley way. It was dark and he clung to the deepest shadows. He lightly tapped on the door and waited. There was no response so he knocked a little harder. Noise from the main street started to flood into the alleyway as light from torches started to brighten the shadows. The windows above the door threw open as Duurta looked out into the Alley and said, “Oh it’s you. I’ll be right down.”
Duurta closed the window and disappeared. Skalen watched as the Torches grew brighter. Skalen waited pressed to the door to Duurta’s shop, watching the entrance to the alley. Just as the feet of the night watch became visible the door opened. Skalen rushed into the room and quickly closed the door. He listened at the door and heard nothing.
Skalen presented the codec to Duurta and asked him for his help in decoding the list. Skalen told him of his limited time before having to leave the city. Duurta suggested bringing the codec and information to his brother in NeverWinter. Skalen thanked him for his time and wished him well.
Satisfied that the alley was empty, Skalen ducked out into the night’s darkness and made his way without incident or discovery to meet up with Phenic and their guides out of the city. They entered into the sewers beneath the city and headed towards the edge of town.
On the way there, a sewer creature grabbed one of the party and drug him into the murk. They continued to a doorway. Upon entering, they met up with Soovey who would accompany them to Never Winter to set up a new chapter there to fight slavery.
Skalen, Phenic and Soovey said their good byes and climbed out of the sewers and exited the city. Phenic, in wolf form kept to the shadows of the tree line while Skalen and Soovey walked along the edge of the road. After only a mile they saw dust forming ahead of them and ducked into the trees. A band of mercenaries went by headed to the city. They travelled another 10-12 miles and entered a small town called Amphail. They went into the tavern and grabbed food and drinks and listened to the conversations around them to see if there was any news or interest in them as people of interest. Nothing was overheard of value. Phenic tried to keep up with Soovey in drinking and wound up being carried up to her room by Skalen.
The following morning they woke up and started to leave. Soovey stopped at the top of the stairs and motioned to Skalen. He peaked around the corner and looked down the stairs to see the same mercenary band from the day before occupying the tavern/inn. There was no other exit from the upstairs rooms so they ducked back into Phenics room to find her still sleeping as she was deposited on the bed. Skalen crept to the window but couldn’t see anything down in the alley. Trying to open the window silently they squeaked very loudly. Skalen looked down into the alley and locked eyes with one of the mercenaries that he had not seen before.
“There he is,” the mercenary said.


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