Elf Hoarders

09 Dec 2018 06:00
by: for Tablets of Cold Death

We moved on from the bridge burning finally and continued our trek. We took a slight detour into the forest to find a tree big enough to travel back to later, but happened upon a brutal scene where these local knights were thinning out the dragon population. By the time we arrived, they were already cleaning up and they were quite methodical and experienced with the whole process. Of course the damned Ironbeard starts another fire in the middle of a forest, and yours truly had to deal with it. Come to find out these knights had played a grand trick on him with an illusion of a drake he thought he was battling. I'm only sad to say I missed the whole spectacle. Thankfully one of the knights slipped me a trinket capable of reproducing the illusion. I cannot wait to spring this upon him again. By morning the knights were finished cleaning their prey and were starting back towards their castle, and we continued the journey to the desert.

Slowly the land started to change, and a canyon started to open up around us. After some discussion we decided to stick to the trade path along the top of the canyon. After a few more uneventful days of travel we started to unmistakably enter the desert. The dwarf started to have some more prophetic dreams that were affecting his sleep, we decided to split up the tablets in hopes they would diminish the effect of these mind altering affects, and allow the holders to sleep at night. Despite the apparent uncomfortableness of these dreams, they have lead us to a local oasis, and a very odd building inhabited by creepy old man and his junk.

The man invited us into his apparent home which was full of piles, upon piles of junk. It was like a dragon's hoard, except it was full of pointless, and quite disgusting things. Why anybody would live among such refuse is beyond me. During some introductions and discussion with this man the nature of our journey was foolishly exposed. The old man quickly excused himself, and despite my protest Ironbeard just had to see what he was up to despite several locked doors and devices clearly meant to keep us out. Nevertheless we we go again traipsing off behind Ironbeard following him into the unknown…


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