Dragon Fire

15 May 2016 05:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

The party, attempting to leave the hag's lair is attacked by the hags again who manage to knock a couple of party members out before being felled themselves. Upon exiting the lair, the party finds Olandra hiding among some brush. The party, worn out from their encounter in with the hags decides to make camp, giving Olandra time to look through the book the hags tried to destroy. She discovered much, including the history of the disease they created, how to cure it, and where Drash Brightheart can be found. With Xanlan Drakewind in tow, everyone makes a hard march to the location marked in the book.
There, due to Skalen's excellent investigation skills, a five foot hole in the ground acting as an entrance to the lair is found. Unsure of what they will find, the party elects to send Phenic down into the lair in the shape of a rat along with Van as protection. They discover the lair is actually an ancient and ruined temple to a long forgotten elvish goddess of balance. Facing many dangers including lizardfolk and a displacer beast, the two make their way through the tunnels almost directly to Drash. In what was once a throne room, they find a sleeping Drash. Phenic makes her way to the dragon's mouth carrying the cure in a vial and drops it into his mouth, knowing it would affect him for several minutes, long enough to get him to swallow the larger potion carried by Van and cure him permanently. Upon being awoken, Drash, furious and confused, bites down hard on Phenic's hand before rising up to his full height and unleashing the full fury of his fire breath on Van. Van, knowing the importance of the potion he carried turned his back to the fire and protected the glass container with his life. As fire broiled in Drash's throat ready to spew forth, Van threw the vial with precision accuracy landing in the ancient dragon's mouth just as the fire rushed forward in a searing cone. The dragon swallowed the potion but not before turning Van into ash. Coming awake from the disease for the first time in months, Drash was confused and shocked by the vague but horrific memories he had from the time.
Unfortunately, Drash did not have time to process this all before Olandra revealed her true form as Vakos, the black dragon the party had encountered in the Mere of Dead Men. Immediately she pounced on Drash and the two flew out of the lair and into the sky in a fierce battle. The party followed and witnessed the might of two ancient dragons battling for life and death in the sky. Fire and poison filled the air as the two dragons fiercely attacked one another with tooth, claw, and magic. Eventually, as it looked like Vakos might take the day, Drash grabbed him by his shoulders and let loose the full power of his fire breath, burning his head and neck to near cinder. He then let go of Vakos who fell to the swamp and was swallowed by it.
Everyone returned to the lair where Drash and Xanlan were able to have their proper reunion while the remaining party members finished clearing the lair of nastiness. The party, found that for the most part, the ruins had been cleared until the came upon a foul eight legged reptilian beast who had turned several lizardfolk into statues. The party fought the beast, with Norixiius nearly turned to stone hiimself. Eventually, dispatching the beast, the party felt secure that the lair was clear and returned to Drash who offered the party a small portion of his horde as payment for their deeds, stating that the rest needed to be returned to those he had taken it from for rebuilding.


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