And Then There Was Commerce

05 Jun 2016 05:00
by: Lance for The Golden Sun

Taking the Drash express, the group returned to the small village near the swamp. Asking the three folk there, they discover the best place to unload some of this treasure is the town of Caer Corwell, a village and trading post and the once the home of Skalen. On the way to the town, the party comes across some of Skalen's old city watch buddies who have left the town because the corruption has become too much.
Outside of the town gates are dozens of popup shops selling wares from all across the isles. The walls themselves are actually more of a tall wooden fence though they appear untouched by the recent dragon attacks. Inside, the party immediately heads to the market to find arms, armor, and sell off the various items found in the dragon hoard. Skalen decided to head straight to the one shop he always hoped he could afford but couldn't when he was living here, Brendor's Wonderous Smithy. While perusing the goods, Kaplan entered the store and noticed Iron Beard. He informed Iron Beard that he indeed had the cure for his curse and could administer it at his room in the inn. It was agreed that they would reconvene at the inn in a few hours. Iron Beard, Skalen, and Rhogar headed to the inn while Phenic headed to a local herbalist located in the town proper, a place where only elves and half-elves are welcome.
Phenic, wanting to learn more about Olandra asked the herbalist to look at the book she had been keeping. After reading through the book, the herbalist asked Phenic if she knew her parents. Upon finding out that she did not, the herbalist asked her to come back the next day after she had time to scour the book in more detail.
Meanwhile, the rest of the party met up at the inn with Kaplan who agreed to finally free Iron Beard from his cursed ring in exchange for a favor, of course. After doing so, Kaplan called on the first favor owed him. Iron Beard must get a sealed scroll to the rightful ruler of the town who is currently masquerading as a servant in the keep.


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