25 Feb 2018 06:00
by: Ryan for Tablets of Cold Death

Ironbeard paced along, stroking his namesake facial feature, the wooden floors of the inn creaking under the sabatons of the dwarf. "So, as I was saying, most important event yesterday was the completion of my spellbook. This was closely followed by Phenic and I drinking everyone under the table later that night."

The human bartender sighs. He's not getting paid to listen to self-important adventurer's boisterous boasting, but he is getting paid to clean the counter and serve drinks, unfortunately for him, the bar was easily within earshot of the dwarf.

"But, more sublty important events were transpiring behind the scene my dear friend." Ironbeard said, swinging a mug to his maw. "The two rebel Ladies of Waterdeep did squabble, all the more impressive as one was still in a damned coma." A dark shadow passed over the dwarf's face "Someone took advatage of the infighting, and we found the elder Daethi tortured and killed."

The bartender looked up at the dwarf's excruciating detail of the gruesome scene. He looked over at his bouncer, pleading silently for help, but the man, as well muscled as he was, wasn't half as much as Ironbeard was by the pound.

"I presume it must have been the Xanathar's men…"

But that was all the excuse they needed. It took 3 humans to do it, and was greatly aided by Ironbeard's current consumption of spirits, but the did eventually manage to push him out of the door.


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