And Back Again

17 Jul 2016 05:00
by: Patrick for The Golden Sun

The Saint’s Rest took to the rolling seas as it had for many years. The Captain, Ironsea surveyed his crew, barking orders. Bartholomew pulled Phenic aside and gave her an iron rose that had once belonged to her mother, so she could prove who she was when she finally meets her.
As the Saint’s Rest crested the next wave, a call came down from the crow’s nest. “Ship ahead! And she’s flying the Black and Blue! Pirates! Pirates.” The captain raised his glass to take a look at the approaching ship. “That there, be Blue Betty! To your stations, mates! Ready for battle!”
The ships exchanged fire for a few minutes, but the pirate ship camp alongside and threw grappling hooks. The ships were pulled together and the Saint’s Rest was boarded. The crew battled back and forth when some large tentacles gripped the ships from underneath. Most were thrown to the ground and Skalen was thrown over the side. As Skalen climbed back up the side of the ship he saw Blue Betty dive into the water. The party now found themselves battling the pirates and the creature that had their ship in grasp. Two of the pirates were dispatched as a column of water rose from the depths carrying Blue Betty back to the deck of her ship. The pirates retreated as the tentacles fell away from the ship. The Saint’s Rest crew hacked away the grappling lines and the ships separated. The captain and Blue Betty exchanged knowing words. The party eventually arrived at Waterdeep without further incident.
The party headed north into the city to the High Road and found a market place to the west. Skalen and Zza set out around the Market looking for answers about the stone tablet. They were directed to a shop owner that was right outside the Black Tower. His name was Durta Hachaar. He took great interest in the tablet and offered as collateral a richly ornate book as he kept the tablet to examine. Upon returning he told them that it was a language from the nine hells; an infernal dialect. It also referred to a location by the House of Leon, near the castle in a garden courtyard where the Shadowfell is closer. He said that if you take the tablet there and read the words a magical gate would open to the Shadowfell. The bottom portion of the tablet is of a different language, that given time Durta could likely decipher. The party took the tablet back to wait for the time to have the further research done.
Espio ventured to several music shops, finally getting a clue that the wood used to make the flute was from up north, likely near Neverwinter.
Phenic went asking about her Mom and found the name of a group called the Light of Freedom. They work to fight the slave trade in Waterdeep.
Iron Beard and Skalen went searching on info about Kaplan. They met an elf that encounter him on Moonshae Isles. They were directed to a cleric from the Temple of Torm. A younger cleric named Heroon was sent with Ironbeard and Skalen to meet with a wizard of great renown in the Black Staff Tower. They entered the common area and speak with someone there who goes off and then returns to bring them to Doron. They climbed many levels in the tower before reaching his quarters. Doron is able to tell them that Kaplan likely used the greater invisibility spell as well as pass without a trace. Ironbeard inquired about a way to defeat or at least track Kaplan. Doron said that he could learn that over time, but it would cost to train there. Ironbeard signed up to begin training there.
The party heads outside of the Mere of Dead Men to Ara’s cottage in pursuit of Kaplan. When they arrive there the door is open and there are no lights on. Everything is torn up inside. There are obvious signs of a fight. They find a map with an “X” on it. They travel East toward a small village and encounter a tent at a V in the road. In the tents they encountered inhabitants from the Temple of Torm up the road. They tell the party that their temple was taken over by the Red Wizards of Fey. Not needing any other details, Ironbeard marches off towards the temple, looking for Kaplan. The clerics tell the rest of the party that if they go up to the temple, do NOT open the doors to the King and Queens chamber because they are trapped.
As they reach the temple, there are two minotaur skeletons and 2 dwarf mercenaries. The mercenaries come to attention at first seeing someone approach, but instantly recognize Ironbeard. They warn that the minotaur skeletons won’t stop. Iron Beard charges on towards the skeletons and is soon joined by the rest of the party. They defeat the minotaur skeletons to find that the dwarven mercenaries had disappeared. The enter the temple and find an ogre zombie and 4 zombies waiting for them. They charge in defeating the 5 foes and stand ready to continue into the temple.


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