A Short Climb Down a Large Hole

07 Jul 2019 05:00
by: Steven for Tablets of Cold Death

Here we are, licking our wounds. Can’t say I expected this, but a creature with a reputation like Xanathar probably shouldn’t have been underestimated. I look forward to the day I get to put my hammer through that smug grin of his.

We managed to secure a scroll from some organization of mages that will secure us a safe exit out of Xanathar’s domain, provided he doesn’t hold up his end of our deal. To be completely honest, all of this teleportation and portal nonsense is really turning my stomach; not sure I’ll ever get used to the sensation.

Currently, we are deep within the depths of Waterdeep. The fiend allowed us through as promised, and after a short climb down a large hole, we found ourselves in some forsaken tunnel system. Ironbeard proved himself incredibly useful as always, scouting ahead with his…bat creature. Nasty looking little thing, but it got the job done. With a quick burst of fog from Orax, we got the drop on even bigger, nastier looking things that seem to have made this place their home. The small ones had the silhouette of a person, only with more arms and a much uglier face. The large one were basically overgrown spiders, and I can’t say I’m excited to be getting close to such horrid beings. Our battle certainly reminded me of why I love my hammers so much. The crunch would be so satisfying …or so I imagine. It’s been a while since I felt anything but stone under the head of the damn thing. Maybe I need to get more sleep, but these cursed tablets really do like to interfere with that….

I have a letter prepared for the Order. If they approve of my plan, we could really shake things up around here. I’ll speak to the crew about it soon, but I need to be sure that fiend upstairs isn’t somehow listening first.

— Morg


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