A Pirate's Life for Me

12 May 2019 05:00
by: Lance for Tablets of Cold Death

These guys just don't rest. Instead of taking a little time to lick their wounds, they just headed off and nearly got eaten by Shack. Heck, the stinky dwarf was swallowed but Shack threw him back up. Probably upset its stomach. Unfortunately these heathens then killed it. Shack was so awesome at taking care of nosy adventurers. I'm definitely going to have to move now.

Next they go rooting around in Xilo's cottage. I did hear one of them scream from outside which was nice. Bet he lost a finger tip to the chest trap. That's always good for a hoot.

Anyways, they eventually went where I hoped they wouldn't and dug up who I thought I'd buried better. I had to come out of hiding and tell them that I killed her out of fear because she worshiped Tiamat. Luckily, she did so it was a believable cover story. I told them to come back to my cabin after they finished up so I could spring a trap on them but they've left the caves now.

I guess a journey lies ahead. Maybe it's time to head to a village or town where there are more folks around.


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