A Bad Day for Civil Servants

29 Jul 2018 05:00
by: William for Tablets of Cold Death

Skalen woke up and Shallis had already left. As he's questioning those around the palace to find out where she went. Ironbeard arrives in time to follow Skalen to the docks, unbeknownst to him. Ironbeard knows the truth, and the magic disappearing ass-hole is about to appear and disappear as usual. Once they arrive at the docks Skalen seeks out his Shallis, and Ironbeard remains un-noticed after expertly blending with the sights and smells of the docks. Ironbeard keeps a keen eye out for his prey ready to pounce on him before he shows his face and has time to disappear. Meanwhile Skalen has a tearful exchange with Shallis, whom has decided to leave waterdeep for good. Unable to convince her to stay, he walks away a true Lonely Man. As he leaves, Skalen grabs the "expertly" hidden Ironbeard and drags him back to the palace through much protest of this being the perfect bait for the disappearing assassin.

Meanwhile the remainder of the party is gathering at the palace for the opening session of the new council of Waterdeep. Most of the attendees are familiar to the group, but the mysterious representative of the slave trade, a Kenku, is unknown to them. Shortly after interductions are completed, Skalen and Ironbeard join their friends in the viewing area. Ironbeard is still quite sure the mysterious disappearing assassin will show up to disrupt the council, and keeps a vigilant eye out for him. After a riveting round of discussions and negotiations, the council breaks for a lunch. During which the party members mingle and discuss with the varied members of the council. The Kenku and Orax have a distinct interest in each other. Orax is quite wary of such an outsider, especially considering who they represent on the council, and the Kenku is very curious, it not infatuated with Orax.

The council meeting resumes with the same tedious negotiations, and Ironbeard gets anxious and nearly belligerent in his seeking of the assassin. He eventually leaves the council in his search, and finds himself in a nearby tavern where he begins drinking his world famous mushroom brew. Now that he is finally unaware, the assassin strikes. Ironbeard finds himself quickly outnumbered as the assassin magically multiplies into several mirror images of himself. Unfazed, Ironbeard attacks his opponents relentlessly, though is careful to try and only knock out his opponent so that they might capture and question him. As the council finally adjourns for the day, Orax and Skalen leave the palace grounds and on their walk back to their inn, see Ironbeard in a fight with several of the town guards. He's already downed one of the guards and is working quickly on another. They work to subdue their friend before he does anymore damage. Thankfully the downed guard is only unconscious, and Orax quickly heals him up. The guards agree to not attempt an arrest of Ironbeard after he pays restitution to those he injured.

Now that the council seems to be off to a good start, the band sees no purpose in supervising further meetings and begins preparing for a journey to Neverwinter. They spend the next few days gathering supplies for the Journey. During which time Phenic is secretly seeking out a potion that she will use to free someone that helped them in their search for a local murderer. After finding the cost of the potion is more than she can afford, she consults with her cousin Skalen to see if he can help her purchase the potion. She remains secretive, revealing minimal information, particularly hiding that this "someone" is a black dragon. Though it is an evil being, it helped them on their quest and she has promised to help it. Fearing reprisal if she does not assist, she insists on freeing the beast. Skalen follows her into the sewers when she goes to do the deed, to hopefully assist and protect his cousin. Once the dragon is free, it does spare the druid's life but is quick to deliver death. Upon their exit from the sewers, they discover that the dragon killed the two guards as he escaped.


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